Staying Grounded During the Crossfit Open

It’s that time of year again. The Crossfit Open is upon us. The excitement and uncertainty has been building for months. It’s an awesome time of year for all Crossfitters, but all the anxiety surrounding the Open can leave us feeling uncomfortable and emotionally drained. After all, that’s what anxiety does. If you’re like the Crossfitters I train with then you have been holding on to this anxiety for a couple months. Perhaps you have been trolling the Games website and comparing your stats with Games Athletes (or your cross town rival) thus leaving you slightly unmotivated, with a temporary case of the ‘eff-its.’ Why are you feeling this way and how do you get back to your carefree self that happily trained and saw stress free improvements to your fitness throughout the winter?

During this time it is important to give the root chakra some of your awareness. Muladhara (root chakra) is the first chakra located at the base of the spine. This energy center connects us to the earth keeping us grounded. Typically exercise is very beneficial to keeping this energy center open. If our fitness is improving we usually see all aspects of our life improve, such as our connections with others, our nutrition, sleep habits, and our self esteem. Now we have thrown a wrench in this usually very grounding activity by signing up for the Open creating space for insecurity and self doubt.

1. Be mindful of this energy disturbance and begin to bring yourself back into balance by visualizing or wearing the color red. Red is the color of Muladhara (root chakra) and also the primary color of Crossfit Inc. (probably not a coincidence). Red represents energy, strength, and vitality.

2. Take some time to be in nature. Don’t focus so hard on the Open you lose site of all the beautiful grounding things around you. Occupy your time with things other than Crossfit during the Open. Go hiking, skiing, cycling, or skydiving (wait a minute, that last one was more for me).

3. Eat an adequate amount of protein.

4. Yoga and meditation are also very helpful to balance the root chakra. Grounding yoga poses include, Mountain, Warrior, and Tree Pose. Visualize yourself growing a root system into the earth with endless strength and vitality as you meditate or hold these poses.

5. Cedarwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Patchouli are essential oils that help balance this chakra. You can either put them in a diffuser, or run yourself an aromatic bath with a few drops in the tub.

Stay grounded, anxiety free, and enjoy the Crossfit Open.

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