Easing the Obsessive Mind

meditation-6If you’re attracted to Crossfit then chances are you have a tendency to have an obsessive mind. That isn’t always a bad thing. Obsessive minds can be very beneficial. It’s that drive that will lead us to overcome obstacles and achieve success. However, if left unchecked it can also lead to a great deal of unnecessary suffering.

With the Crossfit Open winding down some of you are happy with your improvements, but the majority of you have obsessively consumed yourself in the leaderboard for well over a month. This obsession to be better is fueled by the fact that one simply cannot be the best at everything. So you’re left reaching but never arriving. You have been overextended into a realm of discontent which can lead to burn out and disinterest in training altogether. What happened to training just for the sake of training with no strings attached? Deep within you there is a longing to get back to balance.

This is good news! Your body and your mind are telling you they don’t like stress and wish to be grounded again.

If this fits how you’re feeling then there are a few things you can do to expedite the process depending on your level of discontent.

1. Deactivate or take a break from social networking sites. Allow yourself the time and space to return to homeostasis. Being constantly bombarded by egocentric stimulus can keep you stuck and unable to see the forest for the trees. Where you’re at in life is exactly where you’re supposed to be. You cannot compare your life to anyone else’s. Your journey is unique and yours alone. Scores, PR’s, rankings, and body image don’t define you. Your spirit is none of those things. Allow yourself the grace to be at peace and embrace everything that makes you feel like you again. Facebook isn’t going anywhere and you can reactivate at any time.MorningMeditation

2. Try a mindfulness exercise. Sit quietly for as long as you can without expectation of a given amount of time. Focus on the breath until your body relaxes and then bring your awareness to the part of your body that is in contact with the ground. Once you feel your connection with the earth, bring your awareness to your belly button. This is your power center. Think about a concentrated ball of light illuminating from your navel.

Take that light energy and visualize it surrounding you in an egg shape, or oval with about a foot of protection between your body and the light. This is your balanced space. You are safe and protected here. Outside influences are simply that, outside of you and don’t need any of your energy right now. If negative thoughts come in, or your mind starts racing, notice those thoughts and push them out of your light oval. I like to picture those obsessive thoughts as little bubbles traveling out of my oval and popping into nothingness.

Then bring your awareness into your heart and visualize a ball of light there also. Typically it’s beneficial to visualize green or pink, but white is just fine for right now. Sit in your oval for as long as you need and gently come back into life feeling grounded and spiritual.

3. Carry this light oval with you all day. Often times when we meditate we simply leave the meditation behind and get on with our day. There is no reason why we can’t take that mindfulness with us. If we are at work or the gym and encounter a challenging situation that has the capacity to create an obsessive reaction then take a few breaths and close your eyes if you can. Visualize the oval of light around you once again. Then proceed with a proactive decision as opposed to a reactive decision.

4. Surround yourself with people you love and do something for someone else. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Any small act of service will further help you get out of ego. Send someone a text and let them know you’re thinking supportively about them. Also remember to do kind acts of service for yourself. Get your laundry done or tidy up the bathroom. If you are completely burned out then you have my permission to extend yourself the grace to do absolutely nothing.

Congratulations on another year of Crossfit and improving yourself. Stay balanced and keep love in your heart. I love you all!




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